St John Bosco Teaching School Alliance

Pupil Leaders

Here at St John Bosco we like to give our pupils a say in running the school. Children have the opportunity to be part of several groups, all of whom have an impact on the direction and decisions made by school.

Pupil Leadership Team

The School Council has evolved into a pupil leadership team.

Two representatives per class from Year 2 to Year 5 plus 6 children from Year 6 sit on this committee. To be elected, children have to give a speech in front of their class to tell them why they believe they would be a good pupil leader. Every child in the school has a vote in the elections.

School Council meetings are held regularly in school. Issues that arise in class are discussed and the link teacher then represents the school council to report back to the head teacher or at staff meetings. Feedback and further action plans are always given at the next school council meeting.

The pupil leaders also take part in learning walks, pupil interviews and occasionally even attend Governor meetings.


Our school has a Green Team made up of children from every class. Part of their role is to ensure that classes are recycling used paper and to remind teachers/staff to turn off light switches and computers. They work very hard at keeping the school litter free, and our school were delighted to be awarded the 'Litter Charter'.

We have regular meetings and have produced an 'Eco Prayer'' which is displayed in every classroom. Every class has a gardening plot in the school grounds and classes grow different vegetables, which we then cook in the kitchen for our school dinners.

Each week the Eco-Buddies collect recycled paper from every class and monitor who is recycling the most paper. They keep everyone informed by holding assemblies about their work.

The Eco-Buddies meet weekly to carry out sustainability and conservation work. They organise regular eco-friendly competitions and events, and have taken part in 'The Big Spring Clean', a visit on sustainability at the Frank Chapman Centre, litter picks and questionnaires in school.

Eco Club Notice Board.
The school's eco-garden.

Eco-Buddies watering the school's vegetables.
The Big Spring Clean.

Techno Wizards

Techno Wizards

Hello we are the ICT Wizards in school. We are a team of ICT experts who work with Miss Parkes to co-ordinate all the ICT across the school.

We help to look after all the computers in the ICT Suite and in the classrooms.

We have great fun learning about new technology and James, our technician, helps us to sort out any problems.

We have lots of new equipment in school and we have to ensure everyone looks after it all. If you need our help - just ask!

Two Year 6 children are selected as Head ICT wizards – their job is to run lunch time clubs to teach younger children and to liaise with Miss Parkes about any issues with ICT equipment.

House Captains

House Captains and Vice-Captains.

All pupils in Key Stage 2 are in one of four houses: St Bernadette, St Theresa, St Peter and St Paul.

Children are able to earn points for their house through good work and behaviour. Also during the year there are various inter house competitions involving sport and other activities.

Each week the House Captains count up the points from each class and a weekly winner is announced. This winner is given a star to put on the leader board. The House with the most stars at the end of each term win a prize.

  • Autumn = Cinema Trip
  • Spring = Spacehoppers Trip
  • Summer = Park Trip



Our prefects come from Year 6 and can be identified by their blue jumpers.

The prefects have various jobs of responsibility around school and also show visitors around and act as ambassadors.

The prefects are selected at the start of term by Mrs Grubham based on their behaviour and attitude around school. They have a very important role to play.

Friends Against Bullying (FABs)

Friends Against Bullying.

The FABs are our friends against bullying. They ensure that everyone in our school is happy and has someone to play with.

Sports Ambassadors

Sports Ambassadors

Our job is to get equipment from the container and keep it tidy. We also run fun activities at lunch time.

Infant Buddies

Infant Buddies

We also have a group of children from Year 6 who go down to the infant playground every lunch time to help out and organise games and activities.

They do a great job and the younger children love to have these role models to look up to! We have two Head Infant Buddies and their job is to help manage and organise the other buddies.