St John Bosco Catholic Primary School

Today we had an exhilarating afternoon performing lots of different experiments. Throughout the afternoon, each class demonstrated their exceptional scientific knowledge to the rest of the school by explaining how their experiment works.

We had a variety of experiments starting with nursery who shown that water colours resist with crayons.

Next up was reception who chosen 2 exciting experiments: mentos with coke and skittle with water.

Year 1 explored their senses by having a member of the audience take part in guessing the mystery item which was a chocolate bar.

Following Year 1 was two egg-cellent experiments from Year 2. They shown how you can change the density of water to make an egg float and how weight can be distributed among eggs. Mr Ellicott even volunteered to stand on two packs of eggs without it breaking!

Year 3 investigated how does a bag size effect the rate at which it fills up with gas. For fun they also demonstrated using a balloon to trap the gas.

Year 4 were looking into how chemical reactions can be used to create a lava lamp. Here is their product.

Experimenting with chemical reactions further was Year 5 who created a Bubbly Wizards Brew!

Year 6 concluded the fabulous afternoon by investigating into lung capacity.