St John Bosco Catholic Primary School

It was a fantastic evening as 14 of our younger children travelled over to King Edwards Five Ways School to compete against 3 other schools. The pool there is ideal – 17 metres long and shallow enough to stand up throughout. There were a number of front crawl and back stroke races before a series of relays to finish. The atmosphere was excellent and extremely loud, with all children encouraging and cheering each other on. A number of our children were representing the school for the first time and they all did brilliantly. Highlights for us included individual wins for Margaret, Alexia and Ecotobasi as well as fantastic swims by Angel and Julia B demonstrating super technique. In the relays we achieved a first (Megan, Okeame, Margaret and Alexia) and two second places in very exciting races.

Well done to everyone who took part. You were all amazing and deserved the medals you won.