St John Bosco Catholic Primary School

We enjoyed a very informative live assembly with Justin from Severn Trent. He talked about how Severn Trent is responsible for making sure our water is nice and clean. We learnt about what should go down the drain, the toilet and the 3 P’s (paper, pee and poo) We also learnt about why objects like wet wipes, kitchen roll, nappies, oil and grease should go in the bin as they can cause a problem in the sewers. The children really enjoyed learning a song to help them remember what needs to go in the bin and what should be flushed. At the end of the session we all chose pledges to help the environment and spread the word to our friends and family.


Year 5 watching Severn Trent assembly


Severn Trent assembly


Learning about the three P’s.


Year 1 watching Severn Trent assembly