St John Bosco Catholic Primary School

Year 2 have continued their home learning this week and have also managed to find time to play in the snow. Week 4 and we continue to receive lots of fantastic work. Children have received emails from Pirate Pete and they have had fun completing the tasks to help him set sail on his journey. They have drawn fabulous pirate ships to help Pete travel the oceans. We have also been creating magic potions – an invisible potion, a shrinking potion and even a speak a different language potion! Which one would you choose?

Happy to receive Head Teacher's Award.

Happy to receive a Head Teacher’s award for completing daily tasks to a high standard.

Double the snow fun.Double trouble in the snow.

Sledging fun.

Sledging is so much fun.

More snow fun

Another snowman! What a lovely smile.

Drawing Pirate Pete's ship

Drawing Pirate Pete’s ship. Ship Ahoy!

Creating a magic potion!

Creating an invisible magic potion.