St John Bosco Catholic Primary School

The Y6 children had a very exciting day in school today for their WWII topic day. The children had to come into school dressed as either an evacuee or a solider. When they arrived in school they were given a name tag with a name that was popular around the time of the war. The children had to try and respond to their new names throughout the day. During their lessons, the air raid siren sounded at random times of the day and children had to immediately blackout the classroom and find shelter until the all clear siren sounded.

During our day, we were very fortunate to have a virtual meeting with one of our school governors, Gerry Gomez, who told us all about his and his family’s experiences during the war. The children had prepared lots of questions which they asked Gerry during the meeting.

For PE, the children learnt a ‘swing dance’ which was a popular type of dance around the 1930s and 40s. The children picked this up really well and enjoyed performing it at the end of the lesson.

Below are a few pictures that were captured during the day:

All the children were given a new name for the day – a name that was popular around the time of the war.

The Y6 children in their finest WWII clothes.

We had a Teams call with our school governor – Gerry Gomez, who told us about his own experiences during WWII.

The children performing their swing dance.

Swing dancing was popular around the 1930s and 40s.

Children taking shelter under the tables!

The children interviewed eachother as evacuees or soldiers and used the iPads to make films.

Some children brought in some artefacts from home to share with the others.