St John Bosco Catholic Primary School

Another day, another visit from a very talented author!

Our school had a very special visit from the creative, inspirational writer, Jen Carney. Jen Carney shared her own writing from as young as 7 years old and went on to read an extract of her very popular book, The Accidental Diary B.U.G. The children were hooked by her book, admiring her illustrations and giggling at comical moments in her story. Year 3 and 4 absolutely loved the main character in her story, Billie, and found her ‘Biscuit Laws’ hilarious; they loved her so much that they followed up this virtual visit by creating their own biscuit and Biscuit Laws. The visit concluded with a Q&A where we learned more about Jen Carney.

We would like to say a big thank you Jen Carney for taking the time to entertain and inspire all the children at our school!

This biscuit is called ‘Melted Biscuit.’ It has melted chocolate (dark). Its texture is chocolate that is not that dark. It’s really delicious and the Smarties are so, so delicious!

Biscuit Rule #1 – Eat slow and eat the worst part of the biscuit first.

Description – There are melted Skittles around the outside and it is topped with icing with a picture of different sports.

Biscuit Rule #2 – Bite the chocolate off the biscuit (E.g. KitKats).

Biscuit Rule #3 – You can never have just one biscuit. You must have at least two!