St John Bosco Catholic Primary School

This week Year 5 have taken part in several activities linked to the movie Boss Baby 2 which have covered various areas of the curriculum. To begin with the class had to organise their own companies and set up a Baby store. They used skills of budgeting to decide what they would stock and how much to charge. They were then assigned roles of marketers, designer and budgeter and had to design a logo, web page, slogan and written description.

Later in the week the pupils learned what is meant by growth mindset and used this knowledge to present a pitch to the remainder of the class explaining why their business should be chosen. They did this with great creativity and confidence.

The final part of the activities saw each of the class taking part in a piece of extended writing explaining about an achievement they are proud of and the t took to achieve this. There were some great ideas and these have been entered for a competition.

This was a great set of activities which brought a great purpose to curriculum activities. Well done all.