St John Bosco Catholic Primary School

We are so fortunate to have a wonderful school and for it to be associated with a great saint – St John Bosco. Today as a whole school, we celebrated this great feast day with a competition to showcase the wonderful things that take place at our school and to show how St John Bosco is a role model for the children. The Liturgy Leaders decided to run a competition to celebrate and commemorate this feast day. KS1 children created a badge to show all the wonderful activities and experiences that SJB offer and KS2 wrote some beautiful and heartfelt poems.

Here are the winners of the competition as they received their prizes in our celebration assembly today. Well done and thank you for some wonderful work. Look out for the SJB display in school so that you can see more of the children’s work. It was a hard decision and the Liturgy Leaders were amazed at the number of entries received. It took quite a while to look at all the work and finally decide on winners.

Thank you to all our wonderful children at St John Bosco for some creative ideas and for spreading the good  name of St John Bosco.

The Liturgy Leaders making a difficult decision - judging the competition entries.

The Liturgy Leaders judging the competition entries. Such a difficult decision!

The winners!!