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Library Visit

Monday, 26 July 2010

Year 4 children have, throughout the last two terms been regular visitors to Hilltop Community Library.

They have used their visits to learn about the work of a library, take part in a range of book activities organised by the library staff and, of course borrow books from the selection on offer to take back to home or school.

During one of the visits the children were invited to make posters and write book reviews about the books they have read, which now form a very attractive display in the library and are useful for other young readers who visit.

Last week the class were invited along for a prize giving with the designers of the three best posters receiving a book of their choice. Library supervisor Niccola Morris commented that the quality of the work was outstanding and the children were extremely talented. She said choosing the winners was a very difficult task and that many visitors to the library had commented on the work on display.

We have been really impressed with our work at the library this year. The enthusiasm and behaviour of the class has been fantastic, many of them have, as a result of the visits started using the library out of school and taking part in the special events they organise and their reading skills and enthusiasm towards books have increased enormously.