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Swimming Awards

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Well done to the following pupils who achieved swimming awards this week.

Red: Owen Carter, Sandra Forysiak, Cerys Harvey, Quennie Lim, Alice Prior, Sophie Perry

Green: Breanne Preece

KS2 Award: Cerys Harvey, Quennie Lim, Ashish Patel, Liam Garman Cooke, Megan Hill, Christopher Law

Improver Award / Leisure Pass: Ashish Patel

Year 6 Science at Phoenix

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

On Tuesday afternoon Year 6 had a lesson in Science at Phoenix Collegiate in one of their specialist Science Labs.

The lesson consisted of two experiments, in the first the class had to examine how all living things are made up of cells by applying phosphorus to the skin of an onion and examine it under a microscope.

The next part of the afternoon involved understanding the process of photosynthesis and how leaves create their own food by removing the chlorophyl fro a leaf by heating it in a test tube.

Everyone handled the equipment safely and sensibly and achieved success in their experiments.

Year 6 Storybirds at CLC

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Year 6 have been involved in a variety of ICT sessions using the applemac computer suites at the CLC. Working with teacher Danielle they have learned about control using lego and clicker, made their own podcasts using garageband (watch this space) and yesterday used a program called storybird to write and edit their own complete storybooks. Using a range of pictures and promps from the website, in the space of 3 hours everyone went from a blank screen to a complete story complete with artwork.
If you want to read our stories go to and put sjb in the searchbox (or paulmobb if you want to read my masterpiece ‘A Christmas Journey’.) You can also sign up to write your own. why not give it a go.

St John Bosco v St Mary Magdalene

Thursday, 11 November 2010

A football match between the two rival local schools took place at the Astrotuf pitch at Wednesbury Rugby Club in very windy and wet conditions. Following a disappointing start to the season and a run of heavy defeats St John Bosco weren’t expecting too much but being the team they are turned up ready for action. The game began with lots of action at both ends of the pitch and the deadlock was broken with a close range goal from Owen Carter 1 – 0! Unfortunately the lead didn’t last long and at half time the score was 1 – 1. The 2nd half couldn’t have started worse for St JB with St Mary Mags going 2 – 1 up less than 30 seconds into the 2nd half but again the Bosco team hit back with Owen Carter again hitting a screamer to make it 2 – 2. With some inspired substitutions from Fabio Mobberley on the touchline St John Bosco took the lead from their Polish wonderkid and captain for the match Kacper Morus and for all the world it looked liked a win was coming. Everyone was screaming for referee Edmunds to blow the whistle but the match went on and St Mary Mags scraped a lucky equalizer. Never mind – 3 – 3 was a great draw and a fantastic performance. Well done.

Red Hot Safety

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Year 5 and 6 pupils from St John Bosco Catholic Primary School spent the day on Tuesday at Handsworth Fire Station taking part in the ‘Red Hot’ safety training program.
The day began with the children taking on the role of a firefighter by taking part in drills and training. They then learned about how fires are put out by setting up a fire hydrant and every child had the opportunity to use a hose and other firefighting equipment.
The pupils learned the dangers faced by firefighters by going into a darkened house in teams to rescue a casualty and saw how quickly fire can spread – seeing for real a whole room becoming completly engulfed in less than 3 minutes. This showed for real the importance of minimizing the risk of the ‘triangle of fire’ (fuel, air and heat).
Later in the day the children saw various scenarios related to fire safety and other roles of the fire service such as attending to road traffic accidents along with the dangers of hoax calls and the day ended with everyone getting the chance to sit in a fire engine and experience working the blue light and siren.
The Red Hot program was fantastically delivered by Firefighter Errol Henry on behalf of West Midlands Fire Service. It was a great experience for the pupils and staff alike and taught us all a huge amount of lessons we wont forget.

IMPS Programme at Sandwell Hospital

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Year 6 pupils from St John Bosco Primary School in West Bromwich took part in the IMPS programme at Sandwell hospital. IMPS stands for ‘injury minimization program for schools’ and is aimed to give children an awareness of the workings of a hospital, advice for preventing injury and accidents and basic first aid techniques.

On arrival at the hospital the class were met by their trainers and the day begun with learning about how to help someone in trouble through learning the techniques of CPR and the recovery position. After a talk and demonstration the pupils practiced resuscitation and heart pumping on a dummy and the recovery position on each other. They were also taught the procedures to go through if they found someone unconscious and  all agree they would feel confident in this situation.

The second part of the program involved watching a DVD to see how accidents could occur and how to prevent them. There then followed a tour of the hospital where the children learned about different departments and types of treatment. This helped allay many fears and everyone also enjoyed having their finger put in plaster to experience how this feels.

The day was very beneficial in all ways.