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Y6 at Safali School

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Year 6 pupils from St John Bosco Catholic Primary School spent the day on Monday at Salafi Independent School in Small Heath Birmingham. Salafi School is an Islamic School teaching children of the Muslim faith and the visit was arranged to develop a link between the two schools and increase awareness of each others’ faith and teaching. In their RE lessons this term the pupils at St John Bosco are learning about the pillars of Islam and during ‘diversity week’ they had a talk from Matthew Cooper, head of Salafi School which is where the idea for the visit came from.

On arrival at the school the children were given a guided tour, the first difference was that, from Year 4 upwards children at Islamic Schools are taught with boys and girls separately, so this was the case for the visitors. They joined with the appropriate Year 6 class at Salafi and saw a lesson in Arabic. There were many differences but also many similarities including the maths scheme used which is exactly the same as at St John Bosco.

Allowing the pupils of Salafi to continue with their studies for a while, the St John Bosco pupils went on a tour of the bookstore and media centre attached to the school and were told a lot of interesting facts about the school and faith by Mr Cooper. They then returned to school to enjoy lunch and social time with the schools mixing together. Many common interests including football quickly emerged. The teachers from Salafi set up a Wii challenge and football match between the two schools with a victory for each, Salafi with the console, St John Bosco with the ball.

At 1.30pm all Muslims join together to pray, something they must do 5 times a day. The St John Bosco pupils were very fortunate to be allowed to join them, experience the rituals prepared with getting ready and then experiencing the service in the Mosque which is used by both the school and local community. There can be over 1200 worshippers there on some occasions, but at the time of the visit there were around 200. After the service Mr Cooper could not praise the St John Bosco pupils enough for their outstanding behaviour and respect during the prayers.

After a quick snack and game on the playground, the two schools said their goodbyes with a much greater knowledge and respect of each others’ faiths and hope to continue this partnership through a range of communication in the future.

Football Tournament

Monday, 23 May 2011

On Monday 23rd May, 12 children from each of Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 went with Miss Ellicott and Mr Edmunds to Dudley Goals to play in a football tournament. We had six teams altogether with 5 or 6 children in each team.

All of the children played really well and did the school proud.

In the Year 5/6 tournament we had two Year 5 teams. Team A captained by Sandeep Ghik won 2 and lost 2 of their games. Their highlight was a 4-3 win in which their captain Sandeep scored 4 brilliant goals! Wiktoria Brodziak played in goal in two of the matches and pulled off some amazing saves!

Team B were captained by Megan Hill and they too managed to win 2 and lose 2 of their matches. Their highlight was a thrilling 5-4 win against St Philip’s with Mitchell Wilkinson, Ethan Green and Luke Whitehouse all chipping in with goals.

In the Year 3/4 tournament we entered 4 teams who all did really well. One of the teams led by Elliot from Year 4 managed to win all of their games. Elliot along with Elliot Hill and Doyle scored loads of their goals and they were supported by a superb defensive display from Josh Harris and fantastic goalkeeping by Dylan who did not concede a goal in the whole tournament. Abbie Humphries battled really hard and made it hard for the other team to play.

Other players who stood out were Alfie who scored 7 goals on the day, Jamie who had a great tournament, Abi Stambridge who made lots of great tackles and Joseph who captained his side with confidence.

All players got a medal for taking part.

Elliot, Elliot, Abbie, Dylan, Josh and Doyle were the overall champions and so they each received a winners’ medal.

They also awarded a player of the tournament award in each age group which Josh Harris won in year 3 for his solid and disciplined defensive performance. Well done Josh!

The highlight of the day though was when they announced that the overall winners, who received a big trophy were St John Bosco! Well done everyone!

Report by Wiktoria, Justin, Sandeep and Mitchell

Year 6 at Drayton Manor

Sunday, 22 May 2011

On Friday 25 members of Year 6 went to Drayton Manor Park. This was a reward for giving up 3 days of their Easter holidays to attend SATs booster classes. Everyone had a great time going on the rides, round the zoo and eating huge amounts of less than healthy food. Thanks to Mr Masterson for funding the visit. We’re sure our results will be worth it.

Pirate ship

On the Rapids

Mrs Carter looking cool

Bumper Cars

Cross Country

Sunday, 22 May 2011

On Tuesday a team of 12 runners from year 5 and 6 went to the Priory School in Birmingham to take part in the Catholic primary cross country tournament. They were accompanied by Mr Mobberley, Miss Ellicott and Mrs Golding. Before anyone ran we walked the course to see where we had to run (Miss Ellicott passed on this due to her footballing injury!). First up was the boys’ race and our team lined up in the funnel and were off. Once this was over the girls set off on the same course of about 1km. unfortunately St John Bosco were not among the medals, however all 12 runners did complete the course.

Boys Team: William Slevin, Ashish Patel, Kacper Morus,Luke Whitehouse, Ethan Masih, Henok Kolela Kouka

Girls Team: Bethany Golding, Victoria Loa, Sophie Perry, Sabrina Banga, Breanne Preece, Chelsie Latham

Ready for the off

Good Shepherd Mass

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Outside the Cathedral

Singing at Mass

On Tuesday, Year 6 along with Mr Mobberley, Mrs Finnegan, Mrs Cresswell and Mrs Carter went to St Chad’s Cathedral to take part in the Good Shepherd Mass along with lots of other local schools. We travelled to the Cathedral by Metro : Mrs Finnegan’s first ever experience of this mode of transport. On arrival we took our seats near the front and Sharonjit sat at the very front as she was reading one of the bidding prayers. The Mass was conducted by Bishop Philip Pargeter and involved lots of singing. When it was time for the Offertory Procession 2 representatives from each school took up their donation to the Fr Hudson’s appeal. In our case it was William and Breanne who took the £227 we had raised. When the Mass had finished we enjoyed refreshments underneath the Cathedral, then returned to school on a much lesss crowded Metro. All of the pupild conducted themselves superbly. Well done.

Pupils of the week

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Well done to our Star Pupils this week

Year Names
Reception Lizmery Thomas, Cody Paskin
Year 1 Banita Kaur, Oskar Ostrowski
Year 2 Amber Preece, Janel Roland
Year 3 Danny Clews, Megan Hobbs
Year 4 Mikolaj Rozycki, Lauren Davis
Year 5 Victoria Loa,Luke Whitehouse
Year 6

Breanne Preece, Sharonjit Shergill
Best Attendance

Tag Rugby Tournament

Friday, 20 May 2011

On Friday, 20th May Class 5 went off to Wednesbury Rugby Club to play in a Tag Rugby tournament. The class were split into two teams with Ethan G captaining one team (team B) and Luke W the other (team A).

Team B played first and got off to a brilliant start by beating Abbey Juniors 3-2. Ethan scored two tries and Cain H got one. Sophie P played really well in that much as her quick thinking set up one of our tries.

Our two teams then played against each other. It was a tight game with Team A eventually coming out on top 4-2. The try scorers for Team A were Luke W, Liam GC, Megan H and Victoria L. Ethan and Sandeep G scored in reply for Team B.

Team A then played Abbey Juniors and managed to draw 2-2 with Megan and Vicky scoring the tries.

In team B’s final match they played against St Philip’s and were extremely unfortunate to lose 1-0 despite dominating the game. Team A also played St Philip’s in their final match and were leading with not long left but unluckily ended up losing 2-1 although they had played the better rugby in that game.

Neither team progressed through to the semi finals but as it was the first time we had played we did ourselves proud. Everyone enjoyed themselves and left with big smiles on our faces.

Report by Ethan Green, Neil Whickett and Liam Garman Cooke

Kwik Cricket Tournament

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

On Wednesday 18th May 2011 part of Year 5 went to a cricket tournament at Old Hill Cricket Club. There was a boys’ team and a girls’ team. In both competitions (boys and girls), the teams were split into three groups with the winner of each group set to progress to the semi finals along with the best runner up.

Boys Report

In the boys team was Amir, Luke, Billy, Owen, Ethan, Cain, Conor and Chris.

We were placed into Group A and faced Abbey juniors in the first match. We scored 208 in our innings so had to bowl them out for less to win that match. Due to some fantastic bowling by Amir, Chris, Luke and Cain; fantastic fielding by Ethan, Billy and Conor and tremendous wicket keeping by Owen we limited them to a score of 168 meaning we won convincingly.

In the second match we had to play against St Philips. As we won the toss we elected to field first.  In our first over Amir conceded no runs and took two wickets so got us off to an awesome start. Luke bowled second and took two wickets, Chris followed this up with a wicket and Cain rounded their innings off with another wicket. They scored 180 due to our superb bowling and fielding performance. We batted next and hit some brilliant fours and sixes. We scored 138 so won by a massive margin.

We won our group easily so were set to progress to the semi finals. However, the organisers decided to change the rules at the last minute due to the rain. They decided to just have a final so only two of the three group winners could be in it. They decided this on runs scored which meant that we did not go through. We were extremely disappointed as we had won all of our games yet had still been knocked out.

The boys played really well and deserved to win the tournament. Miss Ellicott was really proud of us all.

Report by Amir and Luke

 Girls Report

The girls’ first match was delayed due to the rain. The girls were impatient, wanting the rain to stop so that their first match nerves would go… at last we were called up to play. St John Bosco won the toss and decided to field first. The bowlers all took turns, each bowler having 6 balls per over with a total of 4 overs per game. The team we played against batted well, then it was our turn. With the nerves settled we were confident we could catch the other teams score. Megan and Zara opened the batting and make a great score. Both bowlers and batters change at the end of each over so now it was the turn of Alice and Isabella, followed by Sophie and Vicky and finally Renesha and Wiktoria. Everyone scored well and we managed to win the game.

The second game took place after a short wait and this time we lost the toss so had to bat first. The line up was the same and again a high score was achieved. Now we had to bowl. Our line up was Megan, Isabella, Renesha and Victoria with Wiktoria as wicket keeper. They batted well but we bowled extremely well and managed to win the game convincingly.

Due to the delayed start no semi finals were played and the decision on who had made the finals would be down to who had the better batting average in their two matches. After an intense wait the organiser came over and announced that the girls had made it into the final.

Whilst the girls were excited they were also sad that the boys had unjustly missed out on the final as they had won all of their games too.

With a deep breath the final was underway, with St John Bosco batting first. Again we played well and runs were scored. We scored a total of 240 which was an impressive score. The other team had their turn to bat and got off to a flying start with one member scoring a number of sixes. At the most important time, Victoria, who was in the outfield made two spectacular catches and we thought that this might be enough to put us ahead. Alas the overs were complete and we had lost by just two runs.

Overall the team played really well, supported each other and we all had a great day!

The girls will now progress to the Black Country games where they will represent Sandwell.

Report by Megan Hill

The Fire Quiz

Monday, 9 May 2011

On Tuesday 26th April, 6 children from class 5 (Megan H, Luke W, Alice P, Cain H, Chris L and Isabella Y) went with Miss Ellicott and Mrs York to a fire quiz at West Bromwich Fire Station.

The quiz consisted of four rounds. Firstly was the team round. You had to pick a number from one to ten and then you had to answer the question that corresponds to the number. We scored a respectable four out of five for this question. The second round was the multi choice part. There were fifteen questions and we had to select A, B, C or D for each question. We did really well on this section.

Round three was the picture round. We were shown a picture of a kitchen and we had to identify the 10 hazards from the room. We did brilliantly and managed to find all of them!

 Finally, came round four. This was the round where you had to buzz in quickest and answer the question correctly. We struggled a little with this round. We knew the answers but were a little nervous so lost time checking and conferring over answers.

We were ahead of the other six schools going into the last round showing that our knowledge of fire safety is extremely good. However, in the final round St Mary Madeline’s overtook us as they were very quick on the buzzer.

Overall we finished second out of the seven West Bromwich Schools that answered. We scored a total of 30 points which we were told was often enough points to have won.

We were awarded with a trophy for finishing second which some Fire Fighters are coming to school to present in a couple of weeks.

Everyone did extremely well and had worked really hard to learn all about fire safety. We enjoyed the day and will be back next year!

By Megan H and Luke W