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Sandwell Big Read

Monday, 27 February 2012

Students from Year 6 at St John Bosco Primary School celebrated the Sandwell Libraries Big Read Project and thought about forthcoming World Book Day following a visit to Hilltop Library in West Bromwich.
Prior to the visit the pupils had all prepared high quality book reviews and artwork which was put on display in the library for visitors to use as a guide when visiting and, after choosing books of their own the pupils took part in a quiz relating to the Sandwell Big Read. This quiz tested the students knowledge of books ranging from Charles Dickens to JK Rowling and the knowledge of the children was fantastic.The winning team is show below. With reading being a high focus at St John Bosco and something that was commented upon highly favourably in it’s recent outstanding OFSTED report, the opportunity for the older children to use the library and the facilities it has is of massive value. The pupils are very proud of their book reviews and hope they will be of value to many visitors.


Monday, 27 February 2012

The netball team from St John Bosco Catholic Primary School proved themselves to be the best, not just in their own area or indeed Sandwell but the champions of the whole of the Black Country after success in the school winter games held at Wolverhampton University on Friday.The team were chosen to represent Sandwell after success in both cluster tournaments held at Stuart Bathurst and George Schools last term and took on the mantle of representing their district against teams from Wolverhampton, Walsall and Dudley.The team enjoyed a fantastic unbeaten run through the group stages and a victory in the semi final saw them face Warstones from Wolverhampton in the final.With the player rotation rule in high 5s netball, in the final some of the John Bosco teams were lined up in what was not their strongest positions however they battled through to the final whistle with the score at 0 – 0. This meant the final was a draw and it entered a golden goal scenario. With just seconds remaining St John Bosco were on target through Wiktoria Brodziak to take the gold medals  to make themselves and Sandwell Champions.The Black Country games are one of 9 similar events nationwide to promote sport in schools and on the day lots of sports were taking place. St John Bosco would like to thank Lisa Adams PDM for PE in Sandwell for inviting them. The successful St John Bosco team comprised of: Christopher Law, Megan Hill, Luke Whitehouse, Victoria Loa, Elliot Hill and Wiktoria Brodziak. They were accompanied and coached to success by teacher Miss Ellicott.

School Bank

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

St John Bosco Primary School in West Bromwich have proudly opened their school bank today in association with HSBC. The facility enables pupils of the school to deposit and withdraw money, earn interest and manage their own account by passbook or cashcard in the case of Year 6 pupils.

The school bank was the idea of Mrs Marie Powell who works at HSBC and is also a governor and a parent at St John Bosco School. Along with headteacher Mr Masterson she interviewed, selected and trained pupils from Year 5 to be the bank’s employees and after a rigorous process the roles including manager, cashier and publicity officer were allocated. They can be identified by their distinctive bank uniforms they wear whilst on duty.

The school bank runs on a weekly basis and has proved to be very popular in it’s opening week. It teaches children the value and importance of saving, how to manage their money lessons that are important throught their whole lives ahead.

Polly in the SAS

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Special Air Service (SAS) is the British Army’s most renowned special forces .Polly is highly honoured as no civilians are allowed on the base.Polly got to see how the SAS train and took part in survival skills ,skid pan evasive driving & shooting.The picture below was took in the officers and sergeants Mess,the photo shows the SAS emblem & Moto WHO DARES WINS.