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Hockey Winners

Friday, 31 January 2014

Yesterday our hockey team went to George Salter to take part in a tournament against other West Bromwich primary schools.

We played against five teams: Guns Village, Lyng, Lodge, Ryders Green and Newtown.

Although we don’t play hockey very often, we had trained hard for this tournament so we were determined to do well.

We played the matches and managed to win all five of them. In total we scored thirteen goals and only conceded one so we ended up winning convincingly.

Therefore we are the deserved West Brom champions so well done to the whole team on their success.

Special mention to captain Rajan for showing good leadership skills and to Jamie who is only in Year 4 but still managed to earn the Player of the Tournament award for his 6 goals.

Maths GCSE

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Congratulations to Mrs Adams and five of our Year 6 children: James, Elliot, Jade, Megan and Ishiqa for their fabulous Maths GCSE results.

They only started studying in September and took the exam at the beginning of November. We weren’t expecting such good results as the plan was to do the exam in November as a practice and then take it again in June.

However, Mrs Adams, James, Elliot and Jade have already achieved a Grade C which was the best that they could get on the foundation paper. This is a fantastic achievement given that the children are only ten or eleven years old and have taken an exam normally sat by sixteen year olds.

To gain a grade C already is remarkable so we are very proud of them. Well done!

Sad farewell to Mrs Finnegan

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

After four incredible years, the end of the Autumn term 2013 meant that we had to say goodbye and good luck to Mrs Finnegan.

Mrs Finnegan had made a remarkable impact on our school and touched the lives of so many children in so many different ways. She has also been an inspiration to all members of staff and we have all learnt so much from her.

Words cannot express how thankful we are for the job Mrs Finnegan has done at Bosco.

We wish Mrs Finnegan every success as she embarks upon her new journey as Head Teacher at Our Lady at St Kenelms Catholic Primary School.

Good bye! Good luck! We’ll miss you!

Singing at Symphony Hall

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

On Sunday 15th December, Class 6 went to the Symphony Hall to sing in the Salvation Army Christmas concert.

We had to sing four different songs along with three other schools from Sandwell.

There was a few thousand people there watching us including many of our families as well as Mrs Finnegan, Mrs Hart, Miss Evans, Mrs Knight and many others.

The children sang beautifully, looked incredibly smart and made everyone there extremely proud of them. Well done Class 6!

Basketball Tournament

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A team of year 5 and 6 children headed over to George Salter to participate in a basketball competition against six other West Bromwich primary schools.

We played three other teams in our group and managed to win all three games with particularly impressive performances from Josh Harris and Megan Winsper.

That meant we had reached the final where we would face Ryders Green. We took the lead but were pinned back and at the full time whistle the game was tied meaning a winner had to be found using golden goal – so the next team to score won.

Unfortunately, Ryders managed to score a basket meaning they had own and we ended up runners up.

Given that we don’t play much basketball, this was an excellent performance by the Bosco team. We were presented with second placed medals. Well done to all those involved!

Giving presents at Brushstrokes

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

On Sunday 15th December some of Class 6 went with Mrs Finnegan and Miss Ellicott to Brushstrokes to help Santa Claus give out some presents to some children who needed them.

Many of the presents had been bought using the money we raised when we sang our carols a couple of weeks back.

Our children also helped out by serving tea and coffee to families who had come to Brushstrokes for the Christmas party.

We then sang a couple of carols for everyone which went down really well.

It was a very humbling experience to see some of the families and see first hand the poverty that some people have to deal with.

As always our children were an absolute credit to us and it was an a invaluable experience for them.