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Whitemoor Lakes Day 2

Well today’s been a busy day – we’ve been climbing, abseiling, fencing, on the zip wire, on the high ropes course, on the giant trapezium and canoeing. Chris, Liam, Luke, Mr Mobberley, Alice, Isabella, Miss Ellicott and maybe others went for a swim as a result of their canoes being capsized. We’ve been really lucky with the weather and everyone has shown fantastic determination and bravery in doing some very tricky activities. Everyone at the centre has been impressed with the enthusiasm, manners and behaviour of the whole of our group which truly have been terrific (mind you they didn’t see certain people after they came back to the dormitories after being soaked in the lake) “what have I gained from that except pneumonia” was the quote from an un-named student I believe. More activities tomorrow including a hike through Cannock Chase.

7 Responses to “Whitemoor Lakes Day 2”

  1. Deb Whitehouse says:

    Another great day by the look of things, Luke i hope thats NOT you moaning lol xx ENJOY

  2. Mandy Ellicott says:

    You guessed right! Classic Luke comment!

  3. ellie Whitehouse says:

    hi hope u are all having fun,missing luke lots but hope luke and liam and the rest of class 6 have a good time at the disco HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!! SEE U ALL ON FRIDAY XX

  4. Mrs Finnegan says:

    Well now boys- even you will need beauty night if you keep getting dirty! See you Thursday!! God bless. Xxx

  5. Samantha says:

    I think it’s a pleasure going there. Hope your having a HUGE amount of fun. Plus take care of yourselves. See ya all on Friday!

  6. Martyna G says:

    Hello everyone i am hoping that you got lot of fun and i hope you will come safely:) see you on thursday.

    Dear Miss Ellicott,
    Year 5 is missing you we hope you will come happy and, i hope you have nice time:)

    Love from Martyna Gustalik<3

  7. Mandy Ellicott says:

    Yes I’m having a lovely time thanks.
    Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

    Miss Ellicott xx

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