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Pen Licences

Congratulations to Samantha Colcol, Angelee Miravelles, Laura Powell, Hana Manasala and Elliot Hill who received pen licences at the end of half term for their exceptional handwriting.

Children can earn a pen licence once they consistently show neat handwriting and excellent presentation in all of their books. Having impressed their teachers with their handwriting, these five children were awarded a temporary pen licence. They then proved to Mr Masterson that they were worthy of a real pen licence and the right to use a pen in all of their subjects.

At St John Bosco we think handwriting and presentation are very important as we believe that children should always take pride in their work.

We hope that they are the first of many children this academic year that manage to achieve this special accolade.

3 Responses to “Pen Licences”

  1. Abbie humphries says:

    Well done guys for getting a pen licence

  2. Sam says:

    Thanks Abbs! Really happy so far! 🙂 Hehehe. Well done to Laura, Angelee, Ell and Hana! We did it!

  3. Hana says:

    Well done to all the people who are using a pen now! 🙂

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