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Pioneer afternoon/evening

6 Responses to “Pioneer afternoon/evening”

  1. Deb Whitehouse says:

    Looks like you all had a FAB day, hope you’ve enjoyed your birthday Els. I think you all deserved a piece of cake lol ENJOY xxxx

  2. Pure concentration on that ladder it.enjoy x

  3. sara lowings says:

    looks a great first day!!looks like a “clean” day today !!yayyy!have fun joseph xxxxx

  4. jenny whitehouse says:

    Hope you al have a great day tomorrow too!
    Did Danielle climb the wall??
    Goodnight all. xx

  5. Mandy Ellicott says:

    Yes a relatively clean day but not promising the same today!
    Danielle did climb the wall. They’ve all done brilliantly!

  6. Henna says:

    Had such a good time at pioneer lol probably the best trip I ever had lol I just wish I could get me hands on that trapezium……… Oh well lol

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