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Mini Olympics

Mini Olympics
On Tuesday, 21st June Class Five ran a mini Olympics for children in Year One.
The children in Class Five planned, organised and coordinated the whole event. They were split into team leaders and sports leaders. Year One were split into five groups, the stars lead by Alice and Zara, the rectangles led by Leon and Renesha, the triangles led by Sophie and Azra, the circles led by Neil and Isabella and the squares led by Cain H and Sandeep.
Each group participated in five sports that were coached by the sports leaders from class five. The sports were cricket (Luke, Amir, Chris and Vicky, javelin (Josh and Conor), hurdles (Megan, Justin and Liam), football (Wiktoria, Mitchell and Ethan) and skipping (Rohit, Tapiwa and Zoe).
All of the class one children received a certificate and sticker for taking part. They learnt lots of new skills, had loads of fun and behaved extremely well. Class Five enjoyed helping the younger children and proved themselves to be excellent coaches and group leaders.
The event was a massive success and we hope to do it again!
Report by Sophie Perry and Renesha Hodgson

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