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School Clubs

Here at St. John Bosco Catholic Primary School we believe that extra-curricular activities are important and enhance children’s experience of school life.

We provide a wide range of after school clubs catering for a variety of tastes and covering all year groups from 1 to 6.

Our children and their families speak very positively about our clubs and the benefits include increased confidence, fitness, working together, learning new skills and getting support with homework.

Below is a summary of what we offer:

Art Club - Years 2 to 5

These children create a range of art work from drawings to collages to sculptures.

The children have an opportunity to experiment with different materials and enjoy deciding what they want to create.


Liam from our local West Bromwich Basketball Club comes in and delivers this club. It is extremely popular and the children are proving to be quite talented.

Several children now join Liam at the club every weekend too and as a school we are participating in an increasing number of fixtures.


We have a large and talented choir who meet weekly and sing a range of songs including traditional, pop, hymns and famous film songs.

The choir usually perform an end-of-year extravaganza in July, aim to perform to our grand-parents, too, and have other exiting events lined up throughout the year.


This is delivered by coaches from Staffordshire Cricket. Again, it is a popular club and there are more and more local cricket festivals taking place, which our children enjoy participating in.

We plan to be an All Stars cricket centre too, providing children with some cricket equipment to take home as well as receiving coaching at school.

Homework - Years 1 to 3

This gives children the chance to complete their homework in a peaceful classroom environment and receive support from their peers or staff if they need it.

Homework - Years 4 to 6

Our older children also benefit from a quiet classroom in order to complete their homework. Again, they can support each other or ask a member of staff for specific help when required.

Multi-Sports - Years 1 to 3

This club introduces our younger children to a range of sports in a fun environment.

We play a number of exciting games which enable the children to develop the fundamental skills needed in sport. They have a great time working together too.

Multi-Sports - Years 4 to 6

This gives children the chance to keep fit, work as a team and try out a range of sports.

The group prepare for upcoming sports fixtures and those children who make the effort to attend this club get priority in terms of selection for sports events.

Outdoor Libraries

We have our outdoor libraries on both the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds.

All children can visit the library every lunch time if they wish.

Our trained Year 6 librarians do a fantastic job and often support the younger children with their reading too.