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Friends in India

Godhra, India.

In February 2010 our school formed a partnership with St Arnold's Primary School in Godhra, India.

The link enables our schools to share ideas, resources and good practice, as well as raising the profile of the high number of Indian pupils in our schools.

We feel blessed to have this special link, and in the near future, to be able to receive visitors from St Arnold's every year.

Through the TIPD a number of our teachers will travel to India and observe teaching and learning in an Indian school.

Map/Flag of India

Grant Approval from the TIPD

News: December 2010

Funding has been approved by the TIPD to enable our staff to travel to our partnership school in India during the February 2011 half term holidays.

Mrs Finnegan wll be leading a trip to our partnership school, St Arnold's, along with Miss Joyce, Miss Ellicott and Miss Parkes. The aims of the trip are to establish links with the staff and children from St Arnold's and meet with Fr Charles who is the school principle.

They will spend each day in class learning about the methods for teaching and learning as well as visiting the children at the Mulvalia Tribal School. Staff will also be meeting with the director of the SAHAJ - a development for the empowerment of women - who make handcrafted goods to enable the women to work and earn a fair wage for their family.

The staff will be meeting with the staff and Governors of the school to set clear goals for this new project.

On return, Mrs Finnegan, Miss Joyce, Miss Ellicott and Miss Parkes will share their learning experiences with all the staff, children and parents in our own school through assemblies, displays and written reports. Watch this space for more information!

Photos from St Arnold's Primary School in India