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Nursery Class Spaces

There are spaces available in our Nursery class. Please contact the school office if you would like any more details.

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Our Current Gospel Virtues

During Summer Term 1 we are learning and growing in our faith to be


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Our web was last updated on 15 May 2021

Our latest Wow Moments…

NHS 73rd Birthday Cards

As the NHS will be celebrating its 73rd Birthday this year, we have been supporting Harvey’s campaign by making birthday ...
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Watch carefully!

Exciting End to Y2 Explorer Unit

Year 2 were excited to test their shipbuilding skills and see if their ships would sink or float. We ending ...
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Livestream Mass

As a school we have missed the weekly celebration of Mass and are keen to start attending services as soon ...
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Year 1 Music Lesson

Today, we explored making sound effects for our class story, the Little Red Riding Hood. Our sound effects comprised of ...
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