St John Bosco Catholic Primary School


Children playing, exploring and having fun in mathematics is at the heart of what we do here at St John Bosco!

Our school approach focuses on children playing with number and becoming mathematicians to enable them to draw connections with their maths learning and make links to life beyond school.

Each child embarks on a maths learning journey where they develop a strong sense of number in Early Years Foundation Stage, which continues throughout their time here at our school. As they progress in each Key Stage, they consistently have opportunities to investigate mathematical problems and explore mathematics at a greater depth. We believe that children of all ages should use concrete materials, drawings, and the outdoor environment to support their reasoning and bring maths alive.

We work closely with parents and strive to support them as much as possible with their child’s learning at home. This page keeps you all updated with everything maths-related going on in school and provides various resources to guide children in maths outside school.

Video Tutorials tutorial

Mental addition – rounding and adjusting

Mental addition using partitioning

Column addition without regrouping – concrete