St John Bosco Catholic Primary School


As part of our promotion and understanding of British Values and our Catholic ethos, we are once again holding a multicultural term. This is a chance for all children to study at depth a different culture and faith.

The Diocesan Education Service describes the purpose of Multicultural Education ‘as an opportunity for children to grow in awareness and appreciation of their own cultural heritage in order to develop a sense of pride and self-worth in who they are and, at the same time, to grow in awareness and appreciation of other people.’ This also reflects the DFE British Values curriculum of ‘tolerance of those of different faith and beliefs’.

Each year group has a different faith to learn about:

  • Reception – Sikhism
  • Year 1 – Christianity
  • Year 2 – Buddhism
  • Year 3 – Catholicism (linked to Sacraments)
  • Year 4 – Islam
  • Year 5 – Hinduism
  • Year 6 – Judaism

All classes have the opportunity to visit a place of worship connected to their chosen faith. Then all children will share their knowledge and learning through a whole school Multicultural Showcase Assembly where all parents will be invited.

Please also visit the Peace Garden as there are example of Art work displaying the learning of each faith.


Displays showing examples of children’s work from each year group, as they study the different faiths: