St John Bosco Catholic Primary School


Children must come to school dressed in comfortable and sensible clothes. Order forms are available from the school office. It is also possible to purchase these items from certain retail outlets.

The Governors, staff and Pupil Leaders decided on the new school uniform back in 2011 and we have been proudly wearing it ever since. St John Bosco pupils enjoy looking smart and our visitors always comment on how fantastic our uniform is.

At the end of every term, we have a table out for any spare/donated uniform to be taken by parents who need it.

The school uniform policy was updated in April 2022, and approved by governors, following consultation with staff, parents and pupils. You can read it on our Policies and Documents page.

School Uniform

School Uniform

School Uniform plus Prefects and FABs

School Uniform plus Prefects and FABs

PE Kit

PE Kit

Below is a breakdown of the school uniform for boys and girls:


  • Red jumper
  • White shirt
  • School tie
  • Black or grey trousers
  • Dark coloured socks
  • Smart black shoes


  • Red jumper or cardigan
  • White shirt
  • Black or grey trousers or skirt
  • White/black/red coloured tights or socks
  • Smart black shoes

Our prefects wear blue jumpers and FABs (Friends Against Bullying) wear yellow hoodies in order to make them easily distinguishable. These roles are chosen each year and this special uniform is provided by school.

PE Kit

  • House t-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black joggers (for outdoor PE in the colder months)
  • Black pumps

When your child goes swimming, please provide them with the following items:

  • Boys will need to wear shorts. These shorts cannot go below the knee as they make swimming difficult.
  • Girls must wear a swimming costume.
  • Swimming caps are compulsory.
  • Goggles and nose clips are optional.


  • All items of clothing and accessories (scarves, gloves, bags) must be clearly labelled with the child’s name.
  • Shoes must be smart black shoes and not black trainers.
  • Sweatshirts, outdoor fleeces, polo shirts and lightweight jackets may be ordered from school.
  • Please note: fleeces and lightweight coats for outdoor use only.
  • We do not accept fashion hair styles, tattoo transfers or nail varnish.
  • Jewellery must be stud earrings only.