St John Bosco Catholic Primary School

SEND Information

SEN Provision at St. John Bosco

St. John Bosco Catholic Primary School is an inclusive school. We believe that the ethos of our school is to ensure that the special needs provision that we offer should include all pupils who have barriers to learning, whatever their needs are.

We are fortunate to have two trained SENCos at St. John Bosco: Jacky Briscoe and Louise Pitt.

At St. John Bosco we believe that all pupils:

  • have individual educational needs
  • share the right to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • have the right to have their special educational needs appropriately assessed
  • have individual and personalised targets to meet their educational needs
  • have the right to voice their opinion and express a preference in relation to their educational needs and provision; this may be directly or indirectly through their parents.

You can read details of our special needs provision and local offer below:

Also see our SEND Policy on our Policies and Documents page.

The Sunshine Classroom

Welcome to our Sunshine classroom – this is an additional classroom that is used to support children with specific special educational needs.

It is a child-friendly, working classroom which contains two rooms; a working classroom for children of all ages and a sensory room specifically for SEND needs, allowing children to relax, unwind and explore.

The classroom is a warm, inviting room where interventions will take place when a child needs extra support. The sensory space comes complete with a sensory pod, having the option of a ball pit or a relaxation pit, sensory lights and a space for relaxation and calm.

Within the Sunshine classroom there is also a range of sensory equipment such as mark making boards, therapeutic resources, light sources, and playground toys. These resources allow children to experience sights, sounds and textures to encourage curiosity, stimulate children’s senses and skills, through creative play, using fine motor movement with tactile and stimulating resources, and also encouraging physical and emotional development.

It is a wonderful opportunity for the children of St John Bosco to access when they need a calming moment away from the mainstream classroom or for specific focus intervention groups.