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Sponsored event with Olympic gymnast medalist Kristian Thomas

This afternoon GB Olympic gymnast, Kristian Thomas, came to school to help with our sponsored sports event and talk to us about his career.

The afternoon began with a class at a time coming into the hall to complete a set of exercises. All of the children worked really hard and did incredibly well.
Year 6 doing press-ups

Year 5 doing star-jumps.

Kristian giving some of the younger children some encouragement.

Year Four having a go at star-jumps and press-ups.

Kristian with some Year Four pupils.

Year Two working hard.

Year One having a go at their exercises.

After all of the children had completed their sponsored event, Kristian led an assembly where he talked about his career and answered some questions.

Kristian then did a demonstration of a range of gymnastic moves. We were all incredibly impressed. He even managed to do a diving forward roll over five brave volunteers!

Kristian with his London 2012 bronze medal.

We’d like to thank Kristian Thomas for spending the afternoon at school with us and hopefully helping to inspire the next generation of sports men and women. He talked about his hard work and dedication which we will try to emulate in our school work and through sport.

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