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Year 6 IMPS

Year 6 pupils from St John Bosco Primary School in West Bromwich took part in the I.M.P.S program at Sandwell hospital. I.M.P.S stands for ‘injury minimization program for schools’ and is aimed to give children an awereness of the workings of a hospital, advice for preventing injury and accidents and basic first aid techniques.
On arrival at the hospital the class were met by their trainers and the day begun with learning about how to help someone in trouble through learning the techniques of CPR and the recovery position. After a talk and demonstration the pupils practiced resuscitation and heart pumping on a dummy and the recovery position on each other. They were also taught the procedures to go through if they found someone unconscious and all agree they would feel confident in this situation.
The second part of the program involved watching a DVD to see how accidents could occur and how to prevent them. There then followed a tour of the hospital where the children learned about different departments and types of treatment. This helped allay many fears and everyone also enjoyed having their finger put in plaster to experience how this feels.
The day was very beneficial in all ways.

We are plastered

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  1. Renesha says:

    That was a excellent day we had a great time and we really enjoyed having our fingers plastered

  2. victoria loa says:

    I really enjoyed it with renesha and the rest of my group. Cpr was a great experience

  3. Samantha says:

    Look very plastered!

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