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Year 6 Bikeability

Year 6 pupils from St John Bosco Primary School enjoyed a successful 2 day ‘Bikeability Course’. Normal lessons were put on hold as, under the guidance of two expert instructors, Mark and Lisa, the pupils learned how to be a safe and proficient cyclist. The two days began by learning about cycle maintenance and then progressed to learning about the highway code and road signs. Everyone, staff included, were fascinated to learn that the ‘STOP’ sign inside an octagon is the same across the world! Then, after a short session on the playground, the group were ready to hit the road for a day and a half’s intense lessons. The children were taught a range of skills during their rides and were being constantly assessed in their proficiency in a range of skills and safety issues. This was made even more difficult with the poor weather conditions they had to put up with. At the end of the two days everyone was delighted to learn that the whole group, 19 children in total, had all been successful and gained their Bikeability badge.

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  1. victoria loa says:

    This was a great experience or us level 2 bikeability people and we learnt how to be safe! From now on , I will start riding my bike on the primary or secondary position! Thanks Mark&Lisa for helping us and well done to all the people who passed at SJB and the rest of Sandwell and the UK

  2. victoria loa says:


  3. Renesha says:

    We all passed our bikeability witch is good. We got lots of free stuff and we learned how to be safe on our bikes. I really enjoyed it.

  4. victoria loa says:

    Me too! 🙂

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