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Friday, 27 April 2012

Year 6 students from St John Bosco Primary School learned about the world of work through a two day workshop led by staff from Connexions in West Bromwich.
During the activities the pupils learned about the qualifications needed to gain certain jobs, the types of job people do, how trends in employment have changed over time, how technology has changed the world of work and much more. They even learned about some of the jobs certain celebrities did before they were famous.
The activities included filling in job application forms, taking part in interviews, producing posters and using the internet to research jobs and taking part in numerous discussions. All of these held the interest of everyone and an enormous amount was learned. One of the key points that kept reoccurring was that Maths and English is paramount to nearly every job and that reliability and trustworthiness is the biggest factor an employer looks for in potential employees.
Although only 11 years of age many of the class have a good idea of the career they would like to pursue in the future and through this workshop they gained a big insight into what they need to do to turn this into a reality, next year when at high school and beyond.

St Patrick’s Celebrations

Friday, 6 April 2012

Year 6 pupils from St John Bosco Catholic Primary School joined in with the recent St Patrick’s celebrations at the public art Galley organised by Sandwell Irish Society.

Prior to the event the pupils were visited in school and taught some traditional Gaelic songs and poetry by singer Clare Diamond and mastered the tricky words really well they also visited the Public in advance of the event to take part in a range of art and craft activities under the guidance of a professional artist.

On the day of the event the pupils took part in the parade around West Bromwich town centre before taking their place on the stage and performed a range of traditional songs and Irish favourites such as the Wild Rover accompanied by Claire, to a huge audience, they also enjoyed some traditional Irish food and took an active role in the remainder of the celebrations and activities.

The pupils are pictured here in the parade and with Claire Diamond outside the Public after performing.

The pupils would like to thank Siobhan Gorman from Sandwell Irish Society for allowing them to take part in the activities both before and on the day.

Eco Bus

Friday, 6 April 2012
Students from St John Bosco Primary School developed their knowledge of science and geography last week following the visit of the Sandwell Eco bus to the school for two days.
The bus, which is owned and run by Tipton Litter watch, is fully equipped and staffed to provide a range of activities for pupils to take part in a range of activities related to environmental issues and awareness.
Each class in the school spent time on the bus learning about recycling, writing raps, making models and circuits and learning about solar energy plus lots more.
This was a fantastic opportunity for everyone and a great learning opportunity.

Coin Trail

Friday, 6 April 2012

Year 6 pupils from St John Bosco Primary School at West Bromwich organised a fundraising coin trail to raise money for the Catholic
Charity Father Hudson’s Society, which they are focussing on.
On Monday all of the clases raided their piggy banks (and probably
their parents’ too) to bring in as much loose change as they could.
This was used to create a coin trail on the school yard with each class competing to make the longest continuous line.  When the
trail was complete it was measured and was over 300m long and
contained just over £130 of 1p and 2p coins.
The longest individual line was created by Year 2.
I was very proud of the effort and enthusiasm of the class. They were
keen to organise and take part in the event and did so well.


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

On Tuesday Year 6 visited the CO-OP store to take part in an activity called Zero to Landfill. They learned that co-op stores have a policy that they re-cycleliterally everything they use, send nothing at all to landfill and fill less than 2 black bags of rubbish a week, less than most households. During the visit the pupils also learned about Fair Trade produce and went on a Fair Trade hunt around the store. As they left they were given a bar of fair trade chocolate and water each. Each Year 6 pupil will now be designing posters about Zero to Landfill and writing a Carbon footprint pledge which will be judged by CO-OP manager Rob and used in store. It was an interesting afternoon.

Year 6 Bring and Buy

Friday, 2 March 2012

Year 6 pupils from St John Bosco Primary School organised a bring and buy sale on Friday to raise money for the schools’ Lent charity appeal for Fr Hudson’s Society.
Preparation for the event began more than a week ago with the children designing posters and making appeals for donations. Many of the class also did some baking at home to make cakes and biscuits to sell.
With donations of toys, books, comics, DVDs and more besides the class allocated themselves jobs, sorted and priced the goods and set up the hall in preparation for the event.

Once all was ready the other classes converged on the hall, money in hands and snapped up all the bargains both to take home and eat there and then. With the few remaining items sold to parents on the playground at home time.

The way the pupils from Year 6 went about organising the event was extremely impressive. They showed themselves to be organised, sensible and mature and had a lot of fun at the same time.
This was the first of 4 school events to raise money for the appeal, after which a grand total will be announced and a cheque taken by Year 6 to the Good Shepherd Mass at St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham. The bring and buy made great start to this with over £100 being made.

Sandwell Big Read

Monday, 27 February 2012

Students from Year 6 at St John Bosco Primary School celebrated the Sandwell Libraries Big Read Project and thought about forthcoming World Book Day following a visit to Hilltop Library in West Bromwich.
Prior to the visit the pupils had all prepared high quality book reviews and artwork which was put on display in the library for visitors to use as a guide when visiting and, after choosing books of their own the pupils took part in a quiz relating to the Sandwell Big Read. This quiz tested the students knowledge of books ranging from Charles Dickens to JK Rowling and the knowledge of the children was fantastic.The winning team is show below. With reading being a high focus at St John Bosco and something that was commented upon highly favourably in it’s recent outstanding OFSTED report, the opportunity for the older children to use the library and the facilities it has is of massive value. The pupils are very proud of their book reviews and hope they will be of value to many visitors.

Year 6 get cooking

Sunday, 11 December 2011

On Thursday afternoon Year 6, under the direction of Toni and Danielle baked Christmas biscuits. They weighed the ingredients, mixed thm together, rolled out the pastry and used a range of festive cutters before putting them in the oven to bake. The results were delicious.

Year 6 at Phoenix

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

On Tuesday Year 6 spent the day at Phoenix Collegiate to take part in a range of activities using their specialist facilities.
The day began in the food technology department where we split into two groups and went to two different rooms to make fairy cakes. Everyone followed the instructions carefully and baked 12 delicious cakes each. Although not everyone had 12 left by the time we went home.
The day continued in the Science lab where we were treated to a science magic show run by Mr Hancocks. This involved learning about different types of chemical reactions and took part in experiments using different chemicals.
Finally the class went to the ICT suite where Christmas cards were made using Publisher and winter shorebirds created.
With quite a few of the class going to Phoenix in September, it’s great facilities and location, this was a very enjoyable and useful day.

MMM Cakes

Looking for a chemical change

Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver (AKA Chris and Luke)

Cakes in the making

Preparing the ingredients

Pentecostal Church Visit

Sunday, 4 December 2011

On Tuesday 29th November Year 6 visited Marsh Lane Pentecostal Church to find out about the church and the similarities and differences between this church and a Catholic Church. This was a very interesting visit and the questions asked and responded to showed a great deal of knowledge and maturity. During the visit the class learned about marriage in a Pentecostal Church and to demonstrate this, Mitchell and Wiktoria took on the role of bride and groom and exchanged vows.