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Year 6 pupils from St John Bosco Primary School in West Bromwich are celebrating after achieving fantastic results in their end of Key Stage 2 SATs assessments including the first Level 6 scores in the history of the school.

in total 27 children took the tests in May with 100% of them achieving the level 4 threshold in both reading and writing and 97% IN Maths. Additionally more than 60% of the class scored the above expectation score of a level 5 in all 3 areas meaning they are working and achieving at well above expectation for their age.

Following a change in the assessment process there is now the opportunity for Year 6 children to be assessed at Level 6 and St John Bosco School was delighted when 3 of the class managed to achieve this grade in Maths. This means they are achieving at a level more than 3 years above their age and understanding some very difficult concepts.

All of the children worked very hard for the tests, attending revision classes after school and in the Easter holidays. The results are great reward for their efforts and must again place the school among the best in the Black Country for it’s results.

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  1. Hope you all have grate KS2 SATs

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