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Sponsored Sleepover

On Friday, 30th November, 42 children from Class 5 and 6 at St John Bosco School took part in a sponsored sleepover. The event was held to raise money for our partner school in India, the Mulvalia. The children at the Mulvalia school are very poor and in need of financial help. They live at school during term time and have to sleep on the floor of their hall with no mattresses or comfortable bedding.

Therefore, the children in class six decided that it wouldbe an excellent fundraising idea to emulate what the Indian children do for a night and get sponsored for doing so. In total, over £500 has been raised in sponsorship money.

On the evening, the children arrived at 6pm, very excited! Miss Ellicott organised some sports games in the hall before we played Wii dance for a bit. Later we played a giant game of duck, duck, goose before class 5 vs class 6 benchball. Of course year 6 destroyed year 5!

After that the children had supper (biscuits and hot chocolate) before they got into their sleeping bags and lay in bed watching Elf.

Despite the fun and excitement, the children did eventually fall asleep and stayed quiet until 7.30am the next morning.

In the morning, we had breakfast (toast, tea and juice) before playing more games. Parents arrived at 10am to take the children home.

The children were extremely well behaved and they all had a brilliant time. Thanks to the staff that helped us out – Miss Joyce, Mrs Stocking, Mrs Carter, Mrs Cresswell, Mrs Hart, Miss Evans and Mrs Knight. Also a big thankyou to Mr Adams who ensured we stayed warm through the night by sorting the heating for us! The children were so good that it allowed the staff to have a lovely time too, so they’ve even agreed to do this again next year!

3 Responses to “Sponsored Sleepover”

  1. Christine finnegan says:

    Well done everyone- a huge success!

  2. I loved the sleepover. It was AWSOME!!!! Doing it again would be so cool. I would to like to thank all the teachers that helped preparing the sleepover. Miss Ellicott, Year 6 SMASHED Year 5!

  3. Martyna G says:

    It looks like you have a good time 🙂

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