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Year 6 library visit

On Wednesday, as part of a writing project, Year 6 visited Hill Top Library to interview some ladies about their favourite celebration.
Thy chatted with them, asking them questions and making notes of their responses. Lock author, Dave will then come into class next week to do some further work with the children.

5 Responses to “Year 6 library visit”

  1. Demi beards says:

    Omg what to i look like on that photo 🙁 oh well it was a classic time :p it was good fun 😀

  2. MC (Martyna C) says:

    We had a fun experience whilst ‘interviewing’ the ladies. My group found out that one of the women had an auntie which was 105 years old!!! She also showed us a letter from the queen about her parents 60th anniversary!

  3. OllyOlly says:

    Well… it was VeRy interesting, u know 😉 and *shhh* but WE WENT TO THE PARK FOR A FEW MINUTES LATER!!! 😀

  4. Sam says:

    It was actually fun 😀 To be honest, I liked doing that, can we do it again? 🙂

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