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Snack time!

6 Responses to “Snack time!”

  1. Kelly C says:

    Glamping and a maccys, sounds good to me, hope you are enjoying it guys. Hope you’ve had an adventure and look forward to seeing you tomorrow Loren, Cruze said he is missing you xx

  2. Kelly c says:

    Hey Loren remember to take some pics of you on your camera x Enjoy xx

  3. Deb Whitehouse says:

    The cooking wasn’t that bad was it? As I think your all sitting in Macdonalds if I’m not mistaken!!!! I’m sure you all deserved it!!!! Those Mcflurrys look yummy ENJOYxx see you all tomorrow, don’t let the bed bugs bite ohhhhh I forgot you’ve all got nice comfy beds now xx

  4. Lynne Williams says:

    Hope you’re saving a milkshake for me. See you soon.
    Have a good night.

  5. karen tarr says:

    Hi kids hope u all having fun doyle mason said can u stay there longer haha enjoy everyone.xxxxx

  6. Lisa winsper says:

    You all look your bring spoilt lol …. Enjoy your last night see you all tomorrow xxx

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