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Pioneer Day 3

3 Responses to “Pioneer Day 3”

  1. Paul Mobberley says:

    Was this the group goodbye photo? Remember ours at Whitemoor Lakes taken early morning on your birthday 2 years ago before your road trip to Devon? I do. never felt healthier.

  2. You all look so grown up! And almost taller than miss ellicott! You look like you enjoyed youselves..but glad to have loren back x

  3. Samantha C. Stuart Bathurst says:

    Hi! You all look like you’ve had fun! I was supposed to tell Hana to give a present for Miss Ellicott but I couldn’t 🙁 I will ask her when I see her! Miss Ellicott, were all the Year 6’s test results for SATs ok? Whoops I mean SOTs Lol. Good luck in the future and I hope I see some of you at Bathurst in September! See you soon!
    Love from Samantha Colcol
    Former Student and Year 7 Pupil 🙂 (Turning Year 8 in September YESSSSSS!!)

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