St John Bosco Catholic Primary School

We have been learning about Sikhism for our multi-cultural week faith. We went on a coach to visit Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Smethwick. When we entered the Gurdwara we needed to take off our shoes, wash our hands and cover our heads as a sign of respect. We listened to lots of interesting facts about the religion and saw many Sikh artefacts, including the 5K’s: a Kirpan (knife); a Kara (bracelet); a Kanga (comb); Kachera (shorts) and Kesh (uncut hair). We went into a live prayer service and heard the Guru Granth Sahib being read. We had to show our respects by bowing before we sat down. After this, we went into the Lanagar hall where they serve food for anyone who enters and wishes for some food – how generous! Unfortunately it was nearly time to get back to school for our lunch so we didn’t try any of the food this time. The children were all very well behaved and really enjoyed learning about a different culture. Thank you to all the staff at Guru Nanak Gurdwara for your knowledge and hospitality!