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Year 5 Work with School Nurse

Once a week over a six week period, a group of 5 children have been working with our school nurse. Their aim was to make some kind of change at school in order to improve health and well-being. Our group chose to focus on feelings and worries as these affect our happiness and well-being. They decided that the happier we are, the better we perform and the more we enjoy and make the most of life.

These five children delivered an impressive assembly all about the worries we have to deal with on a daily basis and what we do with these worries. The message was to share our worries so that they can be dealt with and disappear.

As a direct result of this project, we are introducing ‘worry boxes’ into school in order to help each other with our concerns.

A big well done to all involved in the project and assembly, and thanks to Clair, our school nurse.

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