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Philippines Appeal

Today we did a fundraising event to raise money for the people suffering in the Philippines at the moment.

Children dressed as teachers and teachers as children which was really fun. Well done to all those who took part; many looked very much alike the teacher they were dressing up as.

In the afternoon we had a game show – Are you smarter than a 10 year old?

Well done to Miss Evans and Miss Whitehouse who won the game!

4 Responses to “Philippines Appeal”

  1. Siân y5 says:

    Today I dressed up as miss jones and she picked me as there best outfit and by the way nice new children

  2. Martyna G (7 year ) says:

    Lol all of you look so funny

  3. Samantha Colcol says:

    So the children had to dress up as the teachers? Hahaha! So that’s why my sister had to dress up in nursery! Thank you for supporting the Philippines 🙂

  4. Martyna G says:

    Lol all of u look SO funny i wish i could see all looking like kids and if the children would teach u all how to behave lol 😀

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